Observing the following Art Requirements helps enable your project to progress smoothly and will allow us to produce the highest quality print in the desired timeline.

** Fabric templates for preparing artwork are available upon request from your account team. 


You may send us files via email, DropBox, WeTransfer, ShareFile, your FTP, or similar. If you need a place to upload files, please contact your account team for access to your DD2 Graphics SharePoint folder. File sizes may not exceed 5GB for SharePoint uploads.

When uploading files, please be sure to include the quote or job number, as well as the elevation tag or graphic identification within the file name for proper retrieval.


  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd).

    We DO NOT recommend InDesign (.indd)
    Please read the section below to avoid known issues, lost time and additional charges.


  • All fonts MUST be converted to outlines.
  • Provide 2” of bleed to each side around perimeter.
  • Files must be built with PMS colors in order to achieve color matching.
    (Files built outside of Adobe Illustrator or with CMYK values will print “as is” with no PMS color matching.)
  • Provide all linked/embedded images in addition to print-ready files.
    (Linked/embedded images should not exceed 72dpi at full size. Files larger then 1GB will require graphic manipulation charges.)
  • Print-ready files must be accompanied by low-res client layout and/or high-res PDF.


Adobe InDesign files are accepted but not recommended because of currently known errors in the software’s export process. These include missing fonts within the links, color shifts and graphic elements being dropped from each graphic file. Art files created with InDesign software must include a high-res PDF file for production and the matching InDesign file. InDesign files submitted with errors will be re-assembled by DD2 Graphics’ graphics team for production. (Graphic manipulation charges apply.)


 If your team is unable to revise the supplied artwork and need our team to make the adjustments, we can provide this service. Please see below for the list of Graphic Manipulation Items that will be billable.

Graphic manipulation is billed in 30min. increments with a 30min. minimum.
Contact your account team for pricing.


  • PMS Colors: Artwork that is supplied without the PMS Colors built in but the PMS Colors are noted in a Layout or Email can be substituted by our Graphic Design team.
  • Artwork/Images that is over 1GB: Files built over 1GB will be saved down in order for our RIP software to process the file properly.
  • Low Resolution Artwork:  Artwork that comes in under 72dpi at full size and does not pass a visual inspection can be increased in order for the file to output with better quality.
  • Dimensions: If the supplied artwork needs to be adjusted to the size indicated in the work order, our Graphic Design team can make the adjustments and send you a layout showing the changes for your approval.
  • Bleed: Artwork that is supplied with no bleed, or bleed that is less than 2 inches, can be fixed by adding a solid color to the bleed area or adjusting the background artwork if critical content is unaffected.
  • Alignments: If the graphics are supposed to match across panels but the artwork is not built properly.
  • Other: For any issues that the Graphic Designer notices during art inspection, your Graphic Designer and/or Account team will notify you prior to making adjustments to the file.
    (Examples: text ligatures, artwork artifacts, shadow boxes, clipping masks).